Our Work

Helping People Feel Seen is What We're Here For.

YVR Airport

Reconnecting a world-renowned airport with its roots.

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Chor Leoni

Giving voice to men joined together in creative community.

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Making space for a community's stories to come to light

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Home Island

Driving change in the coffee industry by putting relationships first

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Opening the door for a new generation of veterinarians

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Rainbow Railroad

Helping LGTBQI+ people escape state-sanctioned violence.

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St. Andrew’s-Wesley

Connecting LGBT2Q+ communities to spiritual safety.

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Wavefront Centre

Breaking barriers for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

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Rainbow Refugee

Building communities of belonging for LGBT2Q+ refugees escaping persecution.

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Bringing coast, forest, and farm to the table.

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A&O Analytics + Marketing

Squeezing fresh takes out of stale data.

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Connecting the past to the future for meaningful communications.

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Impact Relations

Using storytelling to influence positive social and environmental impact.

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Brick + Board

Giving new life to reclaimed materials in Baltimore.

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Enhancing the built environment for more connected lives.

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Presidents Group

Making our workforce more accessible for everyone.

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