About Us

Happy minds make happy work.

Our Story

For years we thought we had to work in the same way every other creative agency did, but something always felt a little ‘off’. In our personal lives we understood the power of honesty and candour, but why did it feel impossibly brave to speak truth through our business? We had some work to do, so we rolled up our sleeves, checked our egos, did our own personal work, and asked ourselves some brave questions–– that’s when it came to us: what if we gave our clients that same space?

Since 2015, Harc Creative has been helping organizations step into their own light. Through facilitated discovery, organizational development, strategic visioning and creative direction, we empower businesses to present themselves to the world with authenticity and joy.

Hillary Halldorson

Principal Designer

Creatively clear-sighted and deeply connected to the world around her, Hillary's focus is on bringing our projects to visual life with sensitivity and style.

For millennia, the shores by our studio have been gathering places for people, stories and ideas.

How We Show Up

We bring our diverse passions and lived-experiences with us to walk alongside our client-partners through the inevitable ups and downs of work, life, and navigating through a swiftly changing world.

  • Joy

    We cultivate moments of connection, frivolity, and brightness to keep our energy high and our hearts full.

  • Presence

    We unlock creative potential by bringing mindful awareness and open presence to our work and to each other.

  • Honesty

    We accept and bring our whole selves to work, and invite our partners and collaborators to do the same.

  • Respect

    We flourish by honouring our differences, and work diligently to respect one another's ideas, questions, and approaches.

  • Optimism

    We believe in potential—for our partners, ourselves, our dreams, and our communities.

  • Collaboration

    We recognize and uplift the strengths held by one another, making space for our teammates to shine individually and together.

  • Kindness

    We meet ourselves, our partners, and our collaborators with kindness and wide-open hearts.

Feeling Seen?

We’re always looking for like-minded creatives to work alongside. Email to begin a conversation about our future together.

Our Impact at a Glance:

St. Andrew’s-Wesley

Connecting LGBT2Q+ communities to spiritual safety.

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Wavefront Centre

Breaking barriers for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

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YVR Airport

Reconnecting a world-renowned airport with its roots.

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