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About Us

Since 2015, Harc Creative has been helping people ground themselves in their own expertise and perspective so that they can dream their most daring dreams and get where they need to go.

Our Story

For over twenty years, partners Parker Green McLean and Jarren MacDougall climbed up through the creative and executive coaching sectors respectively, but we always knew that we would touch more hearts together than apart. And so, betting on a belief that happy hearts are more creative, we folded up our parachutes and jumped.

From the beginning, we knew it was the people part that lit us up. Put simply, both of us find so much joy in helping people untap their own creative magic.

Living our lives as proud gay men, we’d noticed the stark before-and-after difference between a closeted life imitating others and a liberated life speaking our deepest truths. So we got really good at helping leaders and their teams move through the all-too-human obstacles that get in the way of meaningful collaboration and progress.

Jarren MacDougall


Solid and sensitive, Jarren’s focus is on supporting our client-partners through the inevitable ups and downs of organizational change and leadership.

Parker McLean

Creative Director

Tenderhearted and confident, Parker gently guides our collaborators through creative exploration and strategic development with equal parts heart, head and humour.

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No matter what stage you’re at, we’re genuinely excited to hear about what projects you’ve got cooking.

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