About Us

Happy minds make happy work.

Harc is an honest creative agency that walks alongside human-centered organizations to build brands that feel like the real deal: authentically human, clearly genuine, and that inspire the change that they’re compelled to affect.

Our Story

Founding directors Parker McLean and Jarren McDougall are the creative and operational forces behind Harc. Partners in life and business, they lead with clear eyes, open minds, and a passion for empowering businesses to present themselves with joy and authenticity.

Having separately run successful design and coaching firms, these two intrepid Sagittarians joined forces in 2015 to create an agency that leads with kindness, encourages candour, and holds space for difficult conversations that reveal the heart of your business. Together, they manage a diverse portfolio of local, national, and international clients; always viewing the client relationship as the greatest metric of success.

Jarren MacDougall

Principal Coach + Executive Director

Solid and sensitive, Jarren’s focus is on supporting our client-partners through the inevitable ups and downs of organizational change and leadership.

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Parker McLean

Creative Director

Tenderhearted and confident, Parker leads our collaborators through creative risk-taking and strategic development with equal parts heart, head and humour.

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For millennia, the shores by our studio have been gathering places for people, stories and ideas.

Areas of Intrigue

We bring our diverse passions and lived-experiences with us to walk alongside our client-partners through the inevitable ups and downs of work, life, and navigating through a swiftly changing world.

  • Relationship Building

    We lead with our hearts, and intentionally invest in the human-to-human relationships that colour every project.

  • Compassion & Gratitude

    Life happens, so we accept and embrace ourselves and our client-partners wherever we're at each step of the way.

  • Whole People

    Bringing our whole selves to the work invites our client-partners to do the same, which means nobody switches hats mid-meeting. We're all whole humans, and we want to keep it that way.

  • Meaningful Creative

    Style, trends and taste come and go, but meaningful stories can last generations. We're here to help find truth in our work, no exceptions.

  • Responsible Changemaking

    Big ideas are only as good as their follow-through, and we know change can be hard for any organization. We embrace that tension, and help our client-partners ready their hearts, minds and teams for changes downstream.

  • Vulnerability + Mistakes

    Shit happens, and we're here for it. Our commitment to bringing our whole selves to work means we're as fallible (and forgivable) as anybody.

Feeling Seen?

We’re always looking for like-minded creatives to work alongside. Email to begin a conversation about our future together.

Our Impact at a Glance:

St. Andrew’s-Wesley

Connecting LGBT2Q+ Communities to Spiritual Safety.

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Wavefront Centre

Breaking Barriers for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

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YVR Airport

Reconnecting a World-Renowned Airport with its Roots.

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