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At the end of the day, you deserve to feel proud of the work we do together. From the outset of each collaboration, we remain focused on supporting our client-partners in accomplishing their goals, staying true to themselves, and maintaining focus on the finish-line.


We could talk until we’re blue in the face about how much we love the work we do, but we believe that our client-partners’ words tell a richer story.

The Harc team takes genuine interest in the people they partner with. Harc is a great partner for organizations who not only want to be understood, but also to better understand themselves.

John Stevens

  • CEO
  • Ontario Veterinary Med. Assoc.

Beyond the fact that our business cards look amazing, Harc helped us get better at communicating with one another– we got so much more than we bargained for.

Ted Phillips

  • Owner & Principal
  • Home Island Coffee Partners

Harc’s coaching has helped me see and design my own methods and practices to be successful with a clearer, more confident approach. As a result, I am engaging both my business and my life at a higher level.


  • Candace Campo
  • Founder & Tour Guide
  • Talaysay Tours

We’ve loved working with Harc, and have learned to trust their process. Each time we’ve challenged them with a bigger-than-life request, they have come back with unique, creative, made-for-us solutions that have been game changers.

Diane Mitchell

  • Executive Director
  • St. Andrew’s-Wesley United

The fact you’re reading this review means you’re already convinced that Harc is one of your top choices. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere because Harc will be the team that comes out on top.

Yat Li

  • Associate Director
  • AccessibleEmployers.ca

Working with the Harc team has been a joyful and productive experience. They have brought heart and boundless creativity to our projects together, and are hands down the most enjoyable design team I have worked with in my career.

Kate Lade

  • Director of Fundraising
  • Dr. Peter Centre for HIV/AIDS

It’s rare to work with a group of people who are as consistently positive, delightful, and excited to jump right in as Harc. We know that we can rely on high quality results, which has inspired confidence across our entire organization.

Dane Bland

  • Head of Development
  • Rainbow Railroad

Harc really listened to our thoughts about our organization and was genuinely curious to hear the stories we tell about our programs. Our resulting partnership is strong, and we’re feeling excited to share our new look with our community.

Dawn McKenna

  • Executive Director
  • Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre

Harc’s team is uniquely talented and endlessly kind. Throughout the process, Parker and Jarren really listened to me and brought forward beautiful, well-researched and impactful ideas. The result is a brand that I’m so proud to share with the world.  

Marsha d’Angelo

  • Founder & Principal
  • Apostrophe Communications

Exploring a name change for our org had been a goal for several years, but I had no clue where to start. Partnering with Harc was the answer– beyond becoming good friends, Jarren and Parker guided us through the process with heart, humour, and focus.

Lisa Cowell

  • Director of Fundraising
  • Aspire Richmond

The team at Harc are experts in understanding a business from the inside-out. They surprised us in being able to capture what we each wanted for our brand, as two Co-Founders with distinct tastes, and synthesize it into one unified brand. Highly recommend!

Michael Despotovic

  • Founder & CEO
  • A&O Analytics

Harc was a great team to work with on our neighbourhood mapping project. They delivered on-time, on-budget, and brought amazing creative energy to each step of the process (even the boring ones)!

Walley Wargolet

  • Executive Director
  • Gastown BIS

The Harc team listens deeply, seeks to understand what is most meaningful to their clients and their stakeholders, and delivers a beautiful product that demonstrates the power of that active listening and understanding.

Michelle Grocholski

  • Founder & Principal
  • Empowered EDI

Harc has helped us achieve our goals with beautiful results that have engaged audiences better than ever before. This is the magic of working with Harc; they’ll help inspire you to think and dream, and the end result will be better than you could have imagined.

Stash Bylicki

  • Executive Director
  • Chor Leoni Choir

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