St. Andrew’s-Wesley

Spiritual Health is Only a Breath Away.

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s West End, this socially conscious cathedral struggled to connect with residents of a neighbourhood that is ethnically diverse, largely queer and secular, and understandably skeptical of its intentions. To connect church and community, we conducted ideation sessions with local stakeholders who articulated what meaningful support looks like to them.

These sessions led us to create a new brand and website, both of which centered on the diverse community and neighbours the church wishes to serve. We also mounted large graphic installations on the building façade to display the organization’s core values of spirit, art, social justice, and inclusion, and to focus their positioning in the remarks with which they open each and every church service: “No matter who you are, no matter who you love, all of you is welcome here.”

We loved working with Harc! They came back with unique, creative, made-for-us solutions that have been game changers.

Diane Mitchell

  • Executive Director
  • St. Andrew’s-Wesley

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