Values + Voice

How can we more honestly communicate who we are and why it matters?

In today’s day and age, it’s common for organizations to get called-out for saying one thing and doing another. While we’re not big supporters of call-out culture, we’re inspired to help organizations like yours move through the process of getting clear on what matters and how to best express it.
With over two decades of combined experience helping organizations clarify and rally around their voice and values, we designed the “Values + Voice” workshop to make it easy. Easy to contribute to the conversation; easy to trust that your team is all contributing; easy to feel proud of the flag your organization plants every day.

As a full-day workshop that engages a diverse array of stakeholders from across your organization, the “Values + Voice” workshop helps organizations like yours break through. This work means a lot to us, as we’re always inspired by the sense of pride, cohesion and trust that participants walk away with.

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