YVR Airport

The Sky’s the Limit.

Vancouver International Airport’s then-newly appointed CEO, Tamara Vrooman, asked us to reimagine the YVR brand story in a way that fosters connection, inspires local pride, and honours the organization’s designation as a nonprofit focused on community development and meaningful Indigenous relations.

The organization had long enjoyed a stellar reputation on the world stage, but in the midst of a global pandemic, with passenger volumes incredibly low, it sought to refocus and reconnect with the local communities it supports. Working in close collaboration with their in-house comms team, we refocused YVR’s internal and external advertising to express the human-to-human connections it supports as a travel hub.

How We Helped


Musqueam weaving illustration by Felecia Stogan and Sandra Fossella

Collaborative magic and strategy by YVR’s in-house communications team

Photography by Lindsay Elliott

From the start, Harc demonstrated their ability to work quickly while having a keen eye for detail. The team was responsive and engaging throughout the design process and delivered on-time, taking our loosely-defined ideas and producing graphics that captured our vision perfectly.

Andy Margolis

  • Vice President, ACSD
  • YVR Int’l Airport

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