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Pretty hurts, and beautiful blonde hair can hurt even more. Shoren is a burgeoning hair-care company and the brainchild of Brush Salon– who have been keeping people feeling beautiful in Gastown for years. We wanted Shoren to feel as cute as their clients; young and electric, but not too affordable, as the product is hip, but high-end.

We built a design language for Shoren’s photos, packaging, web, and social.

Shoren’s youthful energy and dynamic visuals demanded an equally engaging tone-of-voice. Finding a balance between Lisa Simpson and Claire Underwood, the brand’s character feels referential, sassy, and totally worth following.

We worked hard to create a visual language for Shoren that feels disruptive yet elegant. Crinkled paper, abstract shapes, and soft backgrounds give the Shoren products room to shine while developing a visual identity that is memorable and impactful.

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