Graphic design for pilgrimme restaurant Graphic design for pilgrimme restaurant

Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Writing, Identity Design, Print Design, Web Design

Sometimes the farm and the table are a boat ride away. Carved from the west edge of Galiano Island sits Pilgrimme. Serving artists, farmers, and people like us, this ethical, locally sourced restaurant needed a brand as calm as its surroundings. Inspired by the sea, the air, and the driftwood of Montague Harbour, we gave Pilgrimme the voice of a siren, and applied it to everything their customer touches: menu, coaster, website, driftwood. You name it.

We crafted Pilgrimme’s brand strategy, logo, identity, copy and web design, in addition to producing food photography and social.

For a destination restaurant on a remote island, every touch-point a guest has with the brand must feel special. Everything from the website to the receipt-paper are hand-made and unique, lending a helping hand to the from-the-heart atmosphere owners Jesse and Leanne give the restaurant already.

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