What happens when an organization’s culture, operations, and membership demographics evolve but its brand remains the same? For over a hundred years, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association grew its capacity to weave supportive, interdependent relationships between veterinary professionals across the country, but its written values, brand strategy, and visual identity remained anchored in an insular past. OVMA approached Harc in early 2022 to help close the distance between its outward projection and its living breathing heart. Completely inspired by their innovative leadership and impactful mission, we dove right in.

Over a full year, Harc worked alongside OVMA to structure a rebrand process that would regroup its membership and engage a wide array of stakeholders. Through in-person Alignment sessions in Milton and Toronto, digital focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and a front-row seat at OVMA’s yearly conference and trade show, our team gained new appreciation for the passion, precision, and purpose-driven ethos alive within OVMA’s membership. 

After identifying and aligning around OVMA’s values, we proceeded to build a brand that amplifies that heartbeat. “When we improve the health of one animal, the animals and systems around it improve too,” a veterinarian said when explaining ‘One Health’ theory to us. In this idea, we found our inspiration for the OVMA brand: by building a circular form comprised of the animal-types served by Ontario veterinarians, the logo goes beyond its O-initial letterform to emphasize unity and harmony.

The Harc team did an incredible job exploring all aspects of OVMA, pulling them all together into an exciting, invigorating brand that tells our story. Harc is a great partner for organizations who not only want to be understood, but also to better understand themselves.

John Stevens

  • CEO
  • OVMA

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