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Custom graphic designed bag for Brick + Board, Baltimore Custom graphic designed bag for Brick + Board, Baltimore

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Focused on creating employment opportunities and impact-focused revenue, Baltimore-based Brick+Board is the kind of social enterprise you want to write home about. From floorboards to ceiling tiles, Brick+Board upcycles building materials from tear-down properties in Baltimore’s older neighbourhoods. We took this incredible story, wove together a pinterest-ready design aesthetic, and launched a full eCommerce website and brand that has us humming.

When creating a website for Brick+Board, our constant challenge was to find ways of referencing a vintage past without relying on clich├ęd imagery or texture. In the end, red typography and craft paper gave the site all the character we needed without sacrificing usability or conversion.

Writing a brand strategy for a non-profit across the country began with countless interviews with people in and around Humanim, Brick+Board’s parent organization. From the newest hire on the warehouse floor to the highest executive in the organization, everybody had the same thing to say: Brick+Board speaks from the heart, and lets the product speak for itself.

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