Principal Coach + Executive Director

Jarren MacDougall he/him

Solid and sensitive, Jarren’s focus is on supporting our client-partners through the inevitable ups and downs of organizational change and leadership.

About Jarren

Curious, independent, and deeply intuitive, Jarren has always felt compelled to consume information, gain insight, and use that insight to improve the lives of those around him. Growing up, he had an innate sense he’d need to leave his small town to thrive. And that’s exactly what he did.

Jarren’s worldly curiosity and wanderlust drew him to Scotland and Ireland, where his early experiences working in hospitality provided a perfect fit for someone fascinated by human beings and naturally adept at helping them. He went on to work for several high-end hotel chains in Europe and in Canada, honing his skills for rapport building, asking intuitive questions, and meeting people where they’re at. Hospitality provided a natural bridge to executive coaching, the work that continues to light Jarren up today. While building his successful independent coaching practice, he also ran an operations consultancy and earned his certification from Royal Roads University.

To Jarren, every mind is its own little Universe. Helping clients identify their coordinates and chart a path forward is what inspired him to pursue coaching and co-found Harc.

Our Impact at a Glance:


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