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In the olden days, we used to take on projects that skipped past strategic alignment and dove straight into design—who could blame us? Design is when the magic happens, right? Surprising nobody, we take a broader view.

Over the past few years, we’ve observed that our impact-focused client-partners have an easier time generating consensus and buy-in around newly minted brands and websites if their organization has been meaningfully engaged along the way. It’s clear to most leaders we talk to that inclusion and visibility are here to stay, so we’ve structured our approach to help client-partners generate creative capacity at each step in the process.

We loved working with Harc! They came back with unique, creative, made-for-us solutions that have been game changers.

Diane Mitchell

  • Executive Director
  • St. Andrew’s-Wesley

How We Approach Creative Development

We get it: finding the clarity and focus to begin a creative project comes naturally to some, but certainly not all. We’re with you! Since 2015, we’ve been learning-on-the-job just how integral it is to begin creative exploration with a solid foundation. As a matter of course, we suggest our Creative Development services as a good way to roll your sleeves up.

  • Alignment

    It’s actually pretty simple: when teams pull together, more can be accomplished. When you begin working with Harc, we’ll partner with your leadership team to strategize an engagement approach that leverages your organization’s experience and enthusiasm so that each person around the table can trust the process and feel visible in their priorities.

  • Planning

    For most impact-focused organizations, a branding or website collaboration isn’t part of the typical day-to-day. To keep our project on-time and within budget, we’ll co-author a shareable, cloud-based project plan that provides high-level visibility on timelines and responsibilities throughout the course of our time together.

  • Research & Engagement

    Once we’ve aligned with your team and set a course forward for our branding our website project, we’ll proceed with a series of human-to-human conversations between the communities in your audience and Harc. From community townhalls to one-on-one interviews and everything in between, we bring oodles of audience engagement experience to the table so we can craft a research plan that generates valuable findings without over-complicating the process.

  • Executive Coaching

    It’s nice to imagine that all impact-focused leaders have the professional support networks needed to confidently lean into creative projects. Honestly, as impact-focused leaders ourselves, we know how insular changemaking can feel. By engaging Harc for Executive Coaching, you’ll get the support you need to push the creative further: timely conversations, leadership tactics, creative problem-solving, and confidential space for talking through decisions at each and every step along the way.

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