Make it human, make it true.

Humans are amazing, right? We can sit beside a stranger on the bus and arrive at our stop with a new best friend just by sharing our stories and becoming visible to each other. This kind of connection happens all the time, and has probably already happened to you this week. As a species, we’re hungry to relate to one another.

Why, then, do organizations continue using brands that function in the opposite direction, creating and amplifying myths rather than pulling open the curtains and letting themselves shine? We’ve learned first-hand that speaking from the heart is radically empowering, and are excited to guide our client-partners towards visibility throughout the branding process.

From the start, Harc demonstrated their ability to work quickly while having a keen eye for detail. The team was responsive and engaging throughout the design process and delivered on-time, taking our loosely-defined ideas and producing graphics that captured our vision perfectly.

Andy Margolis

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Vancouver Int’l Airport

How We Approach Branding

From the beginning of Harc, we’ve held one thing true: heartfelt design is contingent on heartfelt strategy. Focusing our efforts on developing an undeniably powerful strategy enables our team to produce daybreaking creative along the way, checking in with your team at each milestone to ensure we’re pulling together towards a breathtaking brand for your organization to move forward with.

  • Brand Strategy

    To maximize the creative potential for your brand, we begin with an assessment of your brand’s requirements, audiences, limitations and creative opportunities. By generating consensus among your team at this early, high-level touchpoint, we can confidently move into the visual side of things with increased team cohesion and buy-in.

  • Look-and-feel

    Once we’ve aligned around which dials to adjust, we’ll push your brand one step further by collaborating on a moodboard of curated references that fleshes out the look-and-feel for the design work that follows.

  • Logo Design

    With the strategy defined and the look-and-feel approved, we’ll switch gears to building a logo for your organization that touches and engages your audiences and that ladders up to your org-wide objectives.

  • Brand Application

    Beyond just the logo, most brands require additional kits-of-parts to meaningfully storytell their various programs, initiatives, content types or campaigns. Whether it’s a vehicle wrap, social media design, tradeshow booth, printed bookmark, or business card, if you need it made, we’ll make it happen.

  • Brand Guide

    Once we’ve completed our project together, we’ll empower your team by producing a comprehensive Brand Guide and a centralized repository of all process documents, findings reports, milestone presentations, and designed assets for easy retrieval downstream.

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