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You Can Grow Your Own Way.

No one is more attuned to your impact than you are. Our brand development process goes beyond creating something new – it’s about asking deeper questions and getting out of the way, making space for diverse voices within your organization to help reveal what was already there.

We loved working with Harc! They came back with unique, creative, made-for-us solutions that have been game changers.

Diane Mitchell

  • Executive Director
  • St. Andrew’s-Wesley

How We Help Brands Grow

We invite your intuition to the forefront, asking targeted questions to clear away ambiguity and reveal the authentic look, feel, and sound of your organization. This process is only complete when you feel seen, understood, and aligned with your brand.

  • Brand Ecosystem Assessment

    Being a leader in your sector can feel isolating at times. Our brand ecosystem assessment helps contextualize the work you do within your community, engaging your peer organizations for their perceptions on your impact and strengths.

  • Brand Alignment Strategy

    An effective brand strategy session means getting the right people in the room and setting the stage for ideas that take flight beyond the workshop space. This could include internal working groups, a board of directors, or interest groups from the broader community.

  • Brand Storytelling

    We help you synthesize what your community knows and loves about your organization into a series of storytelling pieces that communicate the true impact of your work and rally your people to your cause.

  • Brand Naming

    What’s in a name? Only everything - or so it feels. Our collaborative process to reveal your brand name takes its cues from the way you already communicate. Instead of trying on every shirt in the store, imagine discovering the one that makes you feel like a million bucks was hiding at the back of your closet this whole time.

  • Brand System Design

    With so much focus on what your brand is, it’s easy to lose sight of what your brand needs to do. We build the brand assets you need to support your operations, which could include a full rebrand, environmental branding, a website overhaul or just a plain old business card. You name it, we'll dream it.

St. Andrew’s-Wesley

Connecting LGBT2Q+ communities to spiritual safety.

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Connecting the past to the future for meaningful communications.

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Wavefront Centre

Breaking barriers for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

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